Sunday, 5 February 2012


I've made some decisions recently to move forward with certain things in my life.  I've decided to apply for a diploma in Arts Management at UWO.  I made this decision completely on impulse.  Had you asked me a day before if I had any plans on returning to school, I would have said "no."  I had thought about doing this program for years, and randomly googled it to find out when the deadline is.  It isn't for a month, and the realization that if I don't apply now I will have to wait another year (read: another year and a half at Sykes) and for that year, I know I would be very unhappy.  Well, at least not enjoying it as much as I could doing something else.  The realization that doing something that I am completely uninterested in for a whole year filled me with such a dread of boredom, that I decided then and there to apply.  Completely on a whim.  Just going on my intuition.

I play a lot of things close to the vest, and I don't really like to talk about my relationships with other people (but I don't think, in all honesty, that anyone reads this friggin blog so I'll just sound it out anyway!).  I've met someone, referred to in a previous post as "Bus Stop Boy," I think.  And I like him.  A lot.  One of my flaws (and I have a few) is my lack of patience.  But I'm trying really hard to be patient and appreciate what is happening with this guy.  I'm trying not to rush things and respect that he wants to take it slowly, and I'm trying to enjoy all the little things that are happening.  I've known this guy for barely over a month, but something is telling me that he's a good 'un: he's funny, respectful, and a gentleman (not to mention I think he's incredibly good-looking).  I just get the feeling that it would probably be a mistake to let this guy slip away by getting impatient and being too foolish to really value this "thing" that's happening.

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