Sunday, 25 March 2012

Life is Good[ness]

It has been one full week since my theatre production company finished our first show, Goodness, by Canadian playwright Michael Redhill.  Goodness is not only one of the best shows I have ever worked on, it has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life!  It was a long road to the finish line, but I did it.  WE did it!

I learned so much!  I re-discovered, or rather really understood for the first time, how beautiful, challenging, and meaningful a few words can be: "How does it feel?"  For 4 years I was just reading, reading, READING for a degree, like a machine on auto-pilot processing language without ever stopping to pause and appreciate how the most average words can be arranged side by side and evoke such strong emotions, ideas, and images.  I fell in love with words and language all over again.

I made some new friends and got to know some old friends a lot better.  I respect my cast and crew so much for their unwavering passion, commitment to me, and dedication to the play.  They brought my vision to life and showed me things that I didn't even know were there.

And I learned a lot about myself.  I went into this balls-deep not knowing exactly what I was doing.  Just because I loved this play and because I thought it would be amazing didn't mean anyone else would.  But I just had a feeling that it would turn out okay.  After a wobbly beginning, failure was not even an option.  I had a lot to prove to everyone and to myself.  And I think I did.

review stated the show was "thespian gold" and "black box theatre the way it should be done."  I heard positive things from a lot of people, so it was a relief and affirming to know that other people appreciated as much as I did the power that this play possesses and liked my execution of it.

 ... And now it's over.  And I'm moving on to other things.  I have another play in the works, (Leo by Canadian playwright Rosa Laborde) to be performed sometime in the fall.  I'm co-producing a play written by a friend, Kierston Drier, called All Things Beautiful.  I am directing a staged reading of my good friend Lia Karidas's musical A Good Bad Song

Unlike last summer when I went traipsing off to Quebec to learn French, or went to Stratford to study Shakespeare and performance techniques, I have 4 months with no definite plans.  I have decided to keep to my resolution to try something that scares me (or at least intimidates me).  I'm going to take vocal or dance lessons - or do both!  I have always wanted to!  I may even take a French course to keep up with the language.

I'm just going to do what I have been doing the past 3 months with success: trying new things, meeting new people.

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