Saturday, 28 April 2012

The Bigger Slip-up(s)

This week hasn't been the best for this wheat-free, dairy-free, pescetarian diet thing.  Earlier this week, Chuck Sykes (the big cheese) came in to tour the office.  Sykes ordered about a million cupcakes for the event and staff were allowed to have as many as they wanted.  I resisted ... then wavered.  I really wanted one and hadn't had any desserts in a week - that's a long time (for me)!  So I caved and had one.  To be honest, it wasn't that good, either.  Maybe because for a week, I hadn't eaten any processed foods/sweets.  Or maybe it really just wasn't that good.  All it tasted like was processed, chemical-laden food.  It definitely was like some pre-packaged cake mix and icing.  I ate most of it and threw the last bit away because I really just wasn't enjoying it.

Then I hadn't had a chance to go grocery shopping and hadn't packed a big enough lunch to keep me going for my 10 hour shift.  So I went to Tim Horton's and got a whole wheat bagel with butter.  A co-worker also offered me a Lindt easter egg (the mini kind) that day.  That was all for the slip ups!  (Not too bad, I think, considering).

Last night, I was at a party and didn't drink at all, then went to the bars and didn't drink there, either!   I think that is pretty good for me.  But after leaving the bar, I was so hungry and my girlfriends got some street meat ... so I caved and got some, too.  I figure that's better than drinking, since the sausage at least had some nutrients.

Aaaannnd this morning I may have had a bowl of ice cream.  So this week hasn't been a good week at all.  I still have been eating tons of fruits and vegetables, and until this morning had avoided dairy, which I know to be a trigger food.  Wheat (or at least gluten) has no bad effects on me.

So I have to get my ass back into gear.  I've had too many slip-ups this week.  I said when I started this week, I was going big or going home.  Actually, I am going home to my parents - I'm moving out this weekend.  But I digress!  I have to step it up and eat well.  I think tomorrow will consist of me doing a lot of cooking to prep for my upcoming week at work.  Oh well ...

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