Thursday, 19 April 2012

Day Two

Quick post before I head off to the theatre!

It's been a day of cooking and washing all over again.  Made a big batch of granola so I can grab it quickly in the morning before work.  Made a big batch of sushi rice so I can roll some sushi quickly before I have to go to work.  Also made a big batch of potato and leek soup and it was delicious!  It'll make probably 3-4 more portions, so I'm good to go for a while.

Today for breakfast I had some of the granola (san milk so it wasn't soggy) ... much better!  Made a banana strawberry vanilla chai Vega smoothie.  Had some of that delicious soup for lunch.  Made a bit of sushi for a snack (using the rice that wouldn't fit in the jar I'm keeping it in).  Made another salmon salad with strawberries and avocados and feta ... 'twas delish.  I also bought some applesauce (only apples, nothing else ... apart from ascorbic acid ...can't seem to get away from all the preservatives) to mix the intestinal health powder with.  I'm sure that'll go down much easier tonight :)

Well, I'm off to a show!  (Passionfool's production of Three in the Back, Two in the Head).  Haven't seen a show in a few weeks so looking forward to it!  Also looking forward to spending a couple hours not thinking about food and cooking!

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