Sunday, 22 April 2012

the tiny slip-up

As you know, I've been trying to follow this plan as close to the book as I can.  With the exception of eating some whole wheat pasta left over in my pantry, and 2 tbsp of sugar in my sushi rice, I have done everything to the letter!  This diet plan, however, isn't the easiest thing to maintain in terms of the social life.

I have gone to three parties in the last two days (two were hosted at my host, one somewhere else).  I got the usual questions about why I'm not drinking: "are you driving?"  When offered a beer and I replied, "I can't drink it," I was asked if I had Celiac's.  I got a lot of those questions at the first party.  And not that it's a pain in the ass to have to explain (and I mostly just say "health condition" followed closely by "not alcoholism"), but I just feel like a party outsider.  I love to party, and I still enjoyed myself sober, but it was less fun.

The parties at my house were much easier to follow the rules.  When I got hungry, I just popped into the kitchen for some natural tortillas and hummus.  But at the other party, with all the chips and dips and cookies, it was much harder.  I brought a flask and just filled it with water, so most people assumed I was drinking and didn't ask questions.  The odd person did ask what I was drinking, so I just told them I'm not (because of my "health condition ... I'm not an alcoholic").  It was a good idea to bring though because 1) people complimented it, and 2) I could keep re-filling it from the tap and didn't get dehydrated, and it also helped to feel a bit 'fuller' so I wasn't craving the snacks so much. 

However, I did cave at one point.  There were these President's Choice salsa flavoured tortilla chips.  I looked at the ingredients list and they were made from corn.  Sugar was part way down the list (so I justify it as not too much), and there were a bunch of preservatives and crap.  I was hungry, though, and hadn't had anything to eat for hours, so I dug in.  That was my slip up.  When I came home, my roommates were having another party at our house and they passsed around cupcakes.  I soooo wanted one because they looked delicious but I didn't.  Wheat and sugar and probably other stuff I'm not supposed to have.  So I passed, and just kept drinking my water.

Parties are definitely less fun without alcohol and without snacks.  But I stuck to my guns (mostly).

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