Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Weekly Spending, August 11-17, 2014

I'll pre-cursor this weeks' spending report by saying that my dog was put down on Aug 11th.  As a result, I was very upset most of the week and really didn't feel like doing anything at all, like packing my lunch, making dinner, or walking to and from work.  Really all I wanted to do was cry and sleep.  So this week you'll notice that I've taken some "luxuries" to try to make myself feel better, like a massage, ice cream cones, and taxis.  Next week, I'll be better.

Aug 11
+$59.75 massage re-imbursement
-$8.68 thai food
-$16.50 taxi
-$14.68 prescription
-$112.71 massage

Aug 12
-$5.24 breakfast sandwich and orange juice
-$8.01 soup, orange, and dinner roll

Aug 13
-$49.52 Shopper's drug mart (likely prescriptions and some other things)
-$4.79 ice cream cone

Aug 14
-$13.02 groceries
-$3.41 ice cream cone
-$7.28 subway
-$1.25 Tim Horton's bagel

Aug 15
-$21.75 savings
-$4.27 savings
-$5.00 savings
-$25.00 student lon
-$33.15 Pharma-Plus (chocolate bar and $30.00 cash back)
-$11.67 groceries

Aug 17
-8.34 taxi

In: $59.75
Out: $298.25
Student Debt Repayment: $25.00
Savings: $31.02

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